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Entry #4

By the Order of Molestia

2012-04-25 04:36:35 by Lulzunrealated

Your goal is to run away from Princess Molestia as fast as you can if she catches you she's going to take you and turn you into a slave

* weapons suggestions
* a way to stop Celestia or kill her
* avoid capture and not to be a slave
* are you playing as a pony or human your choice
* disabling or cripple her wings and horn

need more ideas if you can help say it!

By the Order of Molestia


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2012-05-12 14:44:46



2012-09-23 01:46:22

How about there are obstacles in the way and being human seems weird stick with ponys. Also maybe different ponies (Fluttershy, TwilightSparkle, AppleJack, etc.) have different story lines and paths. If those are optional "players". Maybe also different endings? I don't know, running out of Ideas. Maybe torture Princess Molestia back for revenge? Can't think of any more. I will tell more ideas when I think of some. :)


2013-03-01 18:35:37

maybe princess molstia is looking for a artifact and needs it to do her evil plan, this is why your running away, to enslave every ponys mind